Only 1 in the world, Ultra VW Magazine published this amazing transformation of two cars combined into one.

The chassis is from a 99 Boxster and the shell from a 73 Beetle.

We were honoured to work on this vehicle thanks to the two brothers Marcos and Marissio from Brazil. They dreamed of building a classic car with modern technology.

Everything is Porsche - chassis, drivetrain, engine, suspension, interior - but don't be fooled, this is a custom build. Everything was well thought of down to the lights.   


Thanks boys

TRACK DAY Nissan Skyline R32 GTR

The famous Nissan Skyline R32 GTR from 1989, this car is getting the best of both worlds, from the engine tuning to the flawless body work.


Progress so far:

  • Deep Super gloss black, with a double coat of clear
  • stripped out interior

2010 FORD FOCUS 1.6

Semi body kit conversion

  • Modified front bumper, rear bumper, wings, spoiler
  • rear parking sensors
  • red caliper coated
  • 40mm eibac lowering springs
  • 18inc rs alloys
  • black gloss painted plactic trips
  • Painted in Perl Grey

2005 BMW 645i

Full body kit conversion;

  • Fabricated bonnet grills
  • Modified Front Bumper, Rear bumper, side skirts, vented wings
  • 20inc alloys
  • 40mm lowering springs
  • Full respray in pearl white with a double coat of clear to give it a deep mirror effect.



Alloy Wheel refubishment 

from £39.99